Top 10 Angry Tennis Moments – 2012 Update

Tennis is the gentlemans sport… Not! Behind all the handshakes, the pleasantries, and the not so sincere “I’m sorry I hit the net then one the point” gestures, are competitive, want to win, speak their mind tennis players. As we draw to the end of the 2012 tennis season here is a look back at the Top 10 Angry Tennis Moments.

10) Marat Safin Yelling At Chair Umpire – Many tennis stars just don’t look cool when they get angry. Marat Safin? Very cool when angry. The best line from this outburst is “Of course the guy is hitting all the time, he can be smoking a cigar and he can also be sitting with two chicks but he has no clue about tennis!”

9) Michael Change Underhand Serve – What was the big deal? Basically it’s against the spirit of tennis. Chang did a quick underhand serve and won the point against Ivan Lendl but lost the Public Relations match.

8) Xavier Mallise Is Not Happy – What happens when you combine an unstable tennis player and a bad call? This. What happened? I’m not even sure.

7) Berdych Goes Emotionless – After Hawkeye helps Berdych realize he was wrong he makes an unforgettable face. Check it out at 0:33.

6) Roger Federer VS Hawk-Eye – The Fed does not lose his cool very often so I had to include at least one video of him losing it. During the 2007 Wimbledon championship Roger just can’t make Hawk Eye go his way. He finally decides to go talk to the umpire about it… who can’t really do anything about it. Best line? “How in the world was that ball in? Shit! It’s just killing me today!”

5) Federer Tells Djokovic Family To Be Quiet – Need I say more? Apparently they were being just a little too loud!

4) Roddick Gives The Umpire a Piece of His Mind – Actually, it was several pieces of his mind. Roddick just didn’t stop. Sometimes you disagree with the chair ump, and sometimes the chair ump can’t do anything right. I actually feel really bad for the ump. He has to keep his cool and just take it, poor guy. The best (worst?) line is at 3:10… “Stay in school kid or you’ll end up being an umpire!”

3) Youzny Draws Blood – On himself. Yes you heard that right. Youzny was upset at himself for missing an easy backhand and thought that his racquet and head should meet up, several times, very violently! Next time you want to bang your head against a wall think “What would Youzny do?” and say no.

2) Serena Williams Foot Fault – This was a super intense moment at the pinnacle of the U.S. Open Womens Semi-Final match. Should it have been called? Probably not. Was the line judge just doing her job? Yes. What we can’t argue about is that Serena’s reaction was uncalled for, though later she apologized. You can actually hear her say “Are you scared because I threatened to hit you? I could have said a lot worse.” Logical, but unreasonable.

1) John McEnroe’s Most Famous Outburst – This list would not be complete without good ol’ John McEnroe. You won’t believe how bad he is until you see it! When he thinks something should have gone his way he is not afraid to let the ref know… and his racquet, his bag, and the drinks on the table. I can’t help but think Hawk-Eye could have saved him a lot of grief!

BONUS – To not end on a John McEnroe note let’s have a funny video to send us off! One of the best Federer/Nadal moments.

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