Rafael Nadals Tennis Racquet

Rafael Nadal's Tennis RacquetWanting to improve your tennis game? Perhaps you should check out the tennis racket that tennis phenom Rafael Nadal uses. Rafael Nadal’s tennis racquet brought the “King of Clay” some luck, and it most definitely will help bring even the most novice tennis players game up to speed.

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Behold, the Babolat AeroPro Drive GT. Ok, so its not the source of Nadal’s successful tennis career, but it sure has helped. Having a closer look at the rackets specs makes it not difficult to see why. A hybrid composition of graphite and tungsten gives it quite a bit of solidity, but offers the user a more controlled feel. The aero cut design provides the user to be able to effortlessly cut through the air faster and improve your swing. It is fast and easy to maneuver, with a sweet spot that, no pun intended, is on point. It will add quite the punch to your returns over the net.

Rafael Nadal uses this amazing racket, and for around $189 it can be yours. It is a perfect for any type of defensive player, whether you stick to the baseline, or attack at the net. What is not included? Nadal’s countless titles, including 11 Grand slam titles, his long wavy hair, or general Spanish swagger. That you will have to do on your own. But if improving your tennis game is what you are after, take a pointer from Nadal and give his racket a swing.

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  • Technology: GT, Cortex System, Aero Modular, Woofer
  • Construction: Graphite/Tungsten
  • Headsize: 100 sq in/ 645 Sq cm MidPlus
  • Weight: 10.6oz/300g Unstrung
  • Recommended Tension: 55-62

photo courtesy: imgacademies.com